you look great.

by Wilson Corrigan

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a collection of songs all written and recorded by Wilson Corrigan in Wilson Corrigan's new bedroom.
March 31-April 29, 2014


released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Wilson Corrigan Salt Lake City, Utah

see you in hell, coolio

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Track Name: resurrecting 90's love songs.
verse 1:
down to what we know
the song that makes us tick
the furthest that she'll go
across the floor to her cigs

you'll never know what is right
(just don't go)
(the worst is home)

verse 2:
he's trying to break, he swears
they wanna show and improve
what right up these stairs?
get back down to her room


i never cared about the hype or this game or the noise
"what is he talking about?"
nobody cares at all if it's good and you're proud and it's real
just sit back, let shit get loud

Track Name: stuck.
verse 1:
all that I've done
with the places I've been
stuck in my head
all that you do
with the places you go
stuck in my head

((happy birthday dad))

verse 2:
how has it been?
and where was my call?
you're stuck in my head
"i haven't been good,
no i haven't at all.
you're stuck in my head."

verse 3:
goin to sleep
you're all that i need
stuck in my head
we live in a dream
it's just you and me
stuck in our heads
Track Name: you look great.
verse 1:
cut our wrists and drain our blood
the dining room a nice red rug
use our hair to light the candles on the table
where the dinners stained w/ dust
sew my eyes right unto yours
we're sharing views, we're never bored
kill ourselves at the end of the meal
our favorite song, satan's love was real

we don't have to be this fake, but girl you look so damn great
((you look great))

verse 2:
make our house outta skin and bones
the bed we share is a bed of thorns
mark our debt up against the wall
we feel so short and the bills stand tall
drive my car to the nearest lake
we're holding hands while the bubbles break
take a shower soon as we get home
we'll dry right off rolling in the snow

Track Name: wtswe2.
verse 1:
tell me the things that make you older today
some ink up on your collarbone to show that you're brave
the keys to a brand new car that you didn't pay
a new boyfriend that says "i love you this way"

verse 2:
the memory shines thru my work and my taste
the warmth of love overwhelms all the hate
my mask of drugs, let it take me away
truth be told i never called to say

verse 3:
lock my door, start hummin a stray
write poems just to throw them away
forget the world, let it end for today
the nose-ring girl just forgot how to pray